Friday, November 21, 2014

Canal Overlook

This month's virtual paintout takes us to the gorgeous city of Luxembourg where I spotted the colorful cars parked near the water far below the Rue Sosthène Weis.


  1. What a beautiful and interesting view you discovered! I love your "soft" look this time. Very different from your last one. It's inspired me to stop stalling and get out my watercolors and finish mine in Luxembourg. I did the ink sketch, and have been hemming and hawing, not wanting to ruin it. Yes, I find watercolors a bit unpredictable and a tad intimidating. But yours is sooo nice. I especially like the purple dropped into the blue of the canal. I think I'll just plunge in, and see where it takes me. :-)

  2. I learned something new with this one that you might enjoy trying sometime. I drew it directly on the paper but knew I wouldn't have time for more than two weeks to get back to it. So I scanned the drawing and printed a smaller version of it on some lightweight crappy watercolor paper. I worked out a lot of problems on that poor little scrap of paper and could clearly see what I needed to do to make it better on the final painting. It was so freeing!

    1. What a great idea! I actually did print my black and white linework out, but it was on plain printer paper, just to dink around. Naturally it curled up like crazy when it got wet. But I tried some things, and then knew NOT to do that to my "real" one, ha!

      I do have some lightweight watercolor paper, but hadn't thought of printing onto it. Will have to try that, thanks!