Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oregon Grape

The weather has been perfect for plein air sketching and painting. I didn't realize how rusty my drawing from nature skills have gotten, ugh! Fortunately, it is pure fun to be outside with a fountain pen and my tiny (4x2") palette in such sweet weather so I'm getting a little practice. I sat on a flat rock on a low bridge over a pond to sketch these Oregon grapes.


  1. Janell, this is a truly gorgeous little piece. I love the way it sits on the page and the purity of your colors coming through.

  2. Thanks! It turns out, I suffered for my art on this one. I ended up with a couple dozen intensely itchy bites from sitting on that darned bridge. Ants? Spiders? Definitely not mosquitos so I don't know what the source was. Made en plein air painting a little less enticing!