Saturday, June 29, 2013

Garden Shed

Last weekend, I went to a garage sale that advertised that its garden would be open to the public. It was a great garage sale but the back garden was eye popping. I've never seen such a beautiful private garden. There were several little houses/sheds in back, each more enchanting than the last, unique and wondrous sculptures, bird cages, birdhouses and birdbaths, and of course tons of flowers and shrubs meticulously attended to. In all, there were actually three gardens, one behind the other, with wonderful archways leading to each. Here is the garden shed from the back garden. The arch above the door is of woven, aged branches, with a bird statue perching overhead. Truly a delight.


  1. Sounds beautiful Janell and I've of a mind to step right on through this little covered passage way.