Thursday, June 6, 2013

Come Boss

I doubt that's how the farmers call their cows to the barn in the Azores, Portugal, but that's how my grampa called his cows in at night. I came across this straggler on a back road on the island of Angra do Heroismo, Portugal, when the night birds were flying.


  1. Love your point of view on this one and I truly am awed by how you handled the grass. I wish I could figure it out to make it look just like this!

  2. Thank you! I've been thinking about posting a demo covering my overall painting method. It has taken me literally years to find my style again after a long absence from watercolor painting. It might be helpful to record the process in the event it ever happens again or just to keep me on track and hopefully other struggling artists could learn something too. So stay tuned!