Sunday, July 20, 2014

No Safety Net

This week's lesson with the Sketch Book Skool is continual line contour drawing taught by Brenda Swenson. The drawing is of three objects in ink, no pencil first!, and, as the name suggests, drawn as a continual line without lifting the pen. To make it even more interesting, this was done in water soluble ink, which causes unexpected runs and edges, followed with watercolor. It was such an unexpectedly fun way to work that I hope to continue to work this way lots more. I've never really been a sketchbook person, although just glancing up here at my studio bookcase I see at least 20 of them, so maybe I am! But just sketching for fun or as a journal has never been that interesting to me before. Kinda feels like a new toy!

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  1. I'm enjoying following along with your adventures in Sketchbook Skool. Thanks for sharing!