Monday, April 21, 2014

Liverpool Backroad

Whew, my muse has deserted me for months! Maybe this little painting will get me back on track. I tried something different with it by painting the 300# rough watercolor paper with a first layer of yellow acrylic, saving the small areas of white paper, and painting over it with mostly granulating watercolors. I think I was a little heavy handed with the first layer, which caused subsequent layers to be quite dark, but I do like the contrast and saturation that I was able to achieve with this method. And it was really, really fun to paint this way.


  1. Oh this is lovely, you haven't lost your experience.

  2. I love the drama of this painting, with the strong tree silhouettes and their shadows, and then the sun lighting up the rest.

  3. Thank you both so very much for your comments. I was beginning to think I couldn't paint at all, after such a long time with no successful paintings.