Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Aloha, Mimi

2012 began with heartbreak for me. My little sidekick (kitty), Mimi, finally succumbed to old age. She started out her life with a hoarder who had caged her with at least 100 other cats and numerous dogs. She was thought to be about eight when she was rescued by the Hawaii Humane Society and had probably been caged most if not all of that time. Her muscles had atrophied to the point that she was unable to walk completely upright--she sort of listed to the side. One eye was ulcerated and had to later be surgically removed. Her hearing was minimal and she had a virus common to cats living in crowded conditions. At least half of the other rescued kitties had to be put to sleep because of the severity of their injuries and illnesses. When she came to live with me, I had just gone through a painful divorce and was trying to find my way in a new and stressful life. The short story is, we healed each other. She was an inspiration to me, watching her overcome her disabilities and early trauma, and thrive. On January 4, I held her as a veterinarian from Compassionate Care put her to sleep in her favorite warm spot in "her" bedroom. Yesterday, her cremated ashes were waiting in a small box on the front step for me. My heart rejoiced to see she was home again but still it was difficult opening the box. But opening it, I found a tiny, colorful tin and my sorrow lifted.


  1. Janell...This painting and reflections of Mimi's life and her impact upon your life during a difficult period is a wonderful tribute to her memory. I am sorry for your loss. The loss of a beloved pet is always painful, but their unconditional love for their "family" and the joy they bring into our lives is blessed. I believe that your 2009 posting, "Bad As She Wanna Be" is Mimi. She was beautiful. I enjoy your excellent art contributions to this blog. Thanks, Jim

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Jim. I haven't responded prior to now because the loss was just too new, but I appreciated your kindness then and now. I'm so glad you enjoy my work. Thank you.