Sunday, August 22, 2010

Clouds Roll By

This month's virtual paintout was on Prince Edward Island. A virtual stroll around the countryside brought me to this farm scene with heavy clouds overhead. It was an interesting challenge to capture the softness and the movement of the clouds with acrylic. I borrowed the laundry hanging on the line from a nearby house to add some needed bits of color to the neutral landscape. Note: this painting differs from my earlier posting here and on A viewer to my blog (sorry, I didn't get your name) commented that the painting would be stronger if it was cropped. I took the suggestion to heart and it really did improve it. Thank you for the suggestion!


  1. Janell, love this scene. Interesting sky. I love the cozy nestling of the buildings and their colors. Really pretty.

  2. Really has a great feel to it. And wouldn't you know. Hang laundry and storm clouds appear. And such fantastic golden fields. They look like they are blowing in the wind!